Learn Programming by Making a Text Adventure Game in Bash

text adventure

My programming journey started when I was a young Junior System Administrator, and I needed to learn how to use the Windows Command Prompt so that I could write (and read) scripts that were used to manager our Windows environment. After working through the first half of a (very dry) book on the subject, I …

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Common Design Patterns in C#


Design patterns serve as the blueprint for solving common problems in software design, offering standardized solutions that enhance code readability, re-usability, and maintainability. In the realm of C# development, leveraging these patterns can significantly streamline the coding process, making the code base more robust and scalable. The Singleton, Factory, and Strategy design patterns are among …

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Asynchronous Programming in C#

async await

Asynchronous programming in C# is a powerful technique that empowers writing code that is efficient and responsive, especially in operations that involve waiting, like web requests or file I/O. At the heart of this approach are two keywords: async and await. These keywords allow your application to perform tasks in the background without freezing the …

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Unit Testing in C#


Unit testing is a crucial aspect of software development, serving as a safety net for code changes. It involves testing individual units or components of code to ensure they function as expected. By catching bugs early and validating code behavior, unit testing enhances software quality and maintainability. Best Practices for Unit Testing in C# By …

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Applying SOLID Programming in C#


SOLID principles stand at the core of crafting maintainable and scalable software in object-oriented programming. This acronym represents five key design principles: Each offers a path towards software that’s easier to debug, understand, and extend, especially within C# development. For beginners in C#, embracing SOLID can dramatically improve code quality, fostering flexible and modular systems …

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Understanding the MVC Framework with Python Flask


Introduction If you’re diving into the world of web development – or even just programming in general – you’ve doubtlessly heard about various frameworks that make your life easier. One such hero is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. The MVC framework can be thought of as an organizer for your code: Flask is a lightweight web …

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