Data Analysis

Tech: PostgreSQL, Python

Stumbling upon a Netflix dataset sparked my curiosity as a casual movie enthusiast, leading me to delve into various analytical explorations, including content distribution, release patterns, content rating trends, duration insights, textual analysis, and viewer interests.

Tech: Azure SQL, Power BI

I analyzed and visualized global COVID-19 data to simplify its complexity. I segmented the data, explored key metrics, like death and infection rates, via SQL, and then created Power BI dashboards to illustrate the pandemic's impact and vaccination trends.

Tech: MS Excel, Power BI

I set out to analyze the sales of Coca-Cola brands across the contiguous United States, employing Power BI to dissect and visualize the data. My main objective was to gain insights into the sales performance and trends, with an emphasis on presenting the information in a straightforward and accessible manner.

Game Development

Tech: Unity 2D, C#

In "Scrap Collector," players navigate through three challenging levels as a novice Scrap Collector, tasked with collecting scrap while dodging asteroids and unlocking doors. Developed in a single month, this comes with a few non-critical bugs, as the game is not under active development.

Tech: Unity 2D, C#

"Curse of the Lich" offers a bite-sized rogue-like experience where players face off against a malevolent Lich and their minions, choosing from Rogue, Warrior, or Wizard classes. This old-school game emphasizes strategic combat, featuring melee and ranged fighting, magical scrolls, potions, a minimap, and seven dungeon levels.

Tech: PhaserJS, JavaScript

"Dark Paws" is a retro-inspired shooter game, drawing influence from classics like Invaders, and developed using JavaScript with the Phaser framework. Marking my debut in both web and Android publishing, it served as an excellent platform for collaboration and to showcase my programming skills.