Recruitment Strategies

I’ll be honest, this can be a dry subject. However, having a solid understanding of recruitment, and being able to implement thoughtful recruitment strategies is vital to a company’s success. The following post is meant to help you understand the basic principles of recruitment and candidate selection. Understanding Recruitment Labor Demand Labor demand refers to …

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Cultural Alignment and Leadership


Well-Meaning but Damaging Culture Dave Hatfield, the IT Manager at Blumfirth, Inc., was late to the morning team meeting. The rest of the team had been waiting patiently in the small conference room since 8AM. Some of them were chatting, others were checking email, or browsing on their phones when Dave finally burst in. “I’m …

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Risk Management for IT Leaders

Once, when I was but a wee IT Professional, I visited the company data center to perform some standard maintenance on one of the servers. In preparation, I brought over the “crash cart”. It was a standard crash cart with a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse. I plugged the monitor into the rack’s (very …

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Strengthening Employees through Competency Alignment


John Larry Wright was a nice guy. A very nice guy. Just about everyone in the organization loved him … except for his own team in the IT Department. For all of his interpersonal strengths, John struggled to perform his job adequately. In fact, John had caused two major network outages in the past three …

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Prioritize Your Employees


We’re near the forefront of a new movement in business. That movement is to prioritize the employees as much as shareholders and customers. That’s not to say that some companies haven’t been doing that all along. There’s going to be some history in this post, so bear with me. The Triangle of Business Stakeholders Traditionally …

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Powerful Delegation


Why Delegate? A manager stuck doing everything is not going to be effective at anything. You’re bound to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost. You may skip lunches and work late as you try to cram all of your responsibilities into your workday. This stress may manifest itself in both your professional and personal relationships. You …

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Developing Your Core Values


Core Business Documents There are three core documents that drive business strategy: Your Core Values Your Mission Statement Your Vision Statement Each document informs the one that follows with the Vision Statement specifically driving your strategy. It all Begins with Your Core Values The Core Value document is not difficult or complicated. However, it is …

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