About Me

Here's a very brief summary of who I am...

Professional Life:

  • I'm a passionate and dedicated leader who enjoys helping others reach their goals and potential
  • I accelerated quickly in my career; I have done fairly well for myself, and I’ve always maintained a healthy passion for leadership and Innovation
  • Competencies: Management and Leadership,  Scrum, Project Management, System Administration and Engineering
  • Interests: Leadership, Project Management, Development

Business Management:

  • I've started two business ventures. In each one I learned (and relearned) valuable lessons
  • Competencies: Building Automated and Scalable Systems, Goal and Task Management, Project management, Capital Management
  • Interests: Sustainability and Automation, Process Innovation

Rapid-fire Trivia

  • I have a real interest in organizational behavior, leadership, economics, finance, data analytics, and machine learning
  • I also enjoy learning about ancient history, physics, and AI.
  • I generally dislike Woody Allen movies, but I love Midnight in Paris
  • My all-time favorite song is Under Pressure
  • I learned to play guitar by sneaking into my parents' room as a kid and tinkering on my dad's old Telecaster; the first song I learned to play was "Fly By Night" by Rush
  • I really enjoy cyberpunk, the idea of "tech gone wrong", which is ironic in that it's kinda the antithesis of my professional life (i.e. making sure tech goes right).
  • The most profound experience that I had recently was visiting my Grandfather in the hospital shortly before he died. As I passed out the door to his room, I looked back and saw him standing there and something in me knew that I would never see him alive again. 3 weeks later I was dressing him for his funeral

If you wish to contact me, please do!