Workforce Planning (4 Days)

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This is not a difficult course. It’s an mash up of Human Resource Management and Business Law. Unfortunately I took both of those towards the beginning the program so I did need a little bit of a refresher before finishing this one out, but other than that, it’s not bad, except…

This course has both an Objective Assessment and a two-part Performance Assessment, and so despite being relatively easy, you might still find it time consuming. I cannot even imagine why it’s necessary for this to have both types of assessments. The Performance Assessment alone drills so much knowledge into your brain, that the OA almost feels superfluous. That being said…you’ll still want to study for it.

A quick note on how I studied my weak areas: The online book for this includes a feature where you can have an electronic voice read it to you. I put that voice on high-speed, and read along with her. It helped me focus and get through it quickly. (If you’ve been following this blog, you know how I love my high-speed audio!)

Here’s how it went:

Day 1:

  1. Took the PA blind
  2. Identified two week areas
  3. Studied Weak Area #1

After Pre Assessment (Competent):

I took it blind and passed. I was feeling pre-tty good about myself! I did manage to score less-than-competent in one competency though, which turned out to be two chapters in the book.

Day 2: Studied Weak Area #2

Day 3: Completed Task #1 for the Performance Assessment

Day 4: (1) Completed Task #2 for the Performance Assessment and turned them in, (2) Took the OA and passed

After Objective Assessment (Competent):

If you couldn’t tell, I was cocky going into this one. It occurred to me, as I started the OA, that I had probably passed the PA by making a lot of smart guesses. It still worked out for me (scored better on the OA than the PA), but honestly, I suggest at least reading the chapter summaries before taking the OA.

I hope that this is helpful. I realize that I might come across as impatient or ‘rushed’ in this post. The truth is I’m already 3/4 through my Portfolio, and from there it’s just the Capstone. If you’ve watched this blog, you know I’ve plowed through this program, and, to be honest, it’s starting to take a small toll. I’m excited to be done with this and relax.

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