Quantitative Analysis for Business (5 Days)

This blog post is part of a series where I chronicle my advancement through WGU’s Bachelor of Science, Business – Information Technology Management degree. It includes detailed reports on my study methods and strategies as well as occasional tips and tricks. To see all entries in this series, click the “WGU” link under “Categories” on the left sidebar (bottom of the page if viewing on mobile)

Day 1:

  1. Download Cohorts
  2. Convert Cohorts to Mp3 (using VLC)
  3. Upload cohort audio to Overcast
  4. Listened to half of the cohorts

Day 2:

  1. Listened to the second half of the cohorts
  2. Watched select cohort videos (I highly recommend doing this for sections that are equation-heavy)
  3. Created, and studied, flashcards for equations
  4. Took the Pre Assessment

After Pre Assessment (Competent):

The Pre Assessment was more complicated, but not necessarily more difficult, than what the cohorts would suggest, if that makes sense. There were a few questions, however, where – despite knowing the applicable equation – I was unable to come up with the right answer. There were other questions where it was clear that I had listened to a cohort video or two, when I should have watched instead. That is, I simply didn’t know how to solve the problems.

Despite these set-backs, I did well on the PA overall. The coaching report revealed two areas where I needed to do some study, and I created a study plan to address those areas.

Day 3: (1) Studied the first area for improvement

Day 4: (1) Studied the second area for improvement (2) Scheduled the Objective Assessment

Day 5: (1) Took the Objective Assessment

After Objective Assessment (Competent):

I was very happy with my score coming out of the OA. If you’ve really applied yourself to studying – especially topics such as networks, expected value, linear programming, and inventory – then you’ll do okay on the OA. I got a perfect score in 3 of the competency areas. You will need a calculator, and I also suggest using a white board.

2 thoughts on “Quantitative Analysis for Business (5 Days)”

  1. I took the PA, didn’t pass, not far off, but mentor hasn’t assigned course yet. Do you have the link for the cohorts? I usually listen to them to/from work. Thanks if so, if not, I will wait till tomorrow to get started. Looking forward to following your plan for this course! 🙂

    • Hi Vicki, I know I’m quite late answering this but I do not have the links for any cohorts or course resources (aside from anything that I’ve already linked to) since I’m no longer an active student.


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