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Okay, guys and gals, quick and dirty:

My Advice:

  • Find the Portfolio Instructions PDF ASAP (I found it in TaskStream | BUS IT Management Portfolio | Directions | File Attachments), and read it
  • Determine what your 5 Exhibits are going to be, and get them into one place
    • This was the longest step for me (and I did it last, for shame)
  • Review your resume and make sure it’s ready per the instructions
  • Write all three essays as a single document but with different headings so that the graders can differentiate where one stops and the other begins
    • NOTE: There is no template for this. I copied the cover page from a past document and edited it so that it was appropriate for the portfolio, then created my own “template” based off of the requirements, per the instructions
  • Email the Course Mentors with any questions – they are lovely people, and got back to me quickly and with detailed answers.

Other Notes:

People seem to be confused as to what they should use for exhibits. It will vary person to person, but here’s what I used:

  1. My Microsoft Certification
  2. A “Letter of Achievement” written to me by the Chief Human Resource Officer at a former place of employment
  3. The Executive Summary of my upcoming Capstone Project
  4. A formal-ish description of a work project I participated in
  5. A Performance Assessment assignment from earlier in the program that I scored well on and was proud of

The three essays sound like a lot, but they basically ask you to record your thoughts on the future. That’s something that I think about constantly and so it was not very difficult or time consuming, and I wrote almost twice as much as was required. It’s not difficult, but because it asks you to expound upon your strengths, you may have to get a little cocky.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any questions, you can always ask me but it would probably be better to ask your course mentor.

8 thoughts on “Portfolio (2 Days)”

  1. I’m curious to know if you used skills (eg, training, benefits management, etc) or characteristics (eg. fast learner, empathetic, etc.) for the strengths essay? Perhaps either/both would work, but I’m wondering if one better satisfies the requirement. Your thoughts?

  2. Hi Chad,

    Thank you so much for this post. QQ. For exhibits part can we just submit 5 certificates 3 of them from WGU, one from Microsoft and one IT certificate?


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