What I'm Doing /Now

Currently I am: (a lot of changes this year!)

  • I've gone VEGAN for 2020! I don't like it (sorry vegans) but I've learned a lot.
  • I've taken up long-term water fasting wherein I drink only water for 2 - 8 days at a time. If this seems crazy, check out this video
  • I lead the IT Team at Meds-In-Motion pharmacy
  • I am the managing member of Epowet Digital Services
  • I just published a book Social Media Marketing Volume 1: Facebook & Instagram. You can check out the ebook here or the paperback on amazon
  • I'm working on Social Media Marketing Volume 2 which I'm hoping to publish before the end of the year

What I'm Reading:

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This was last updated:

July 10, 2020

What I'm Listening to:


  • I've recently fallen in love with Bluegrass gospel music (no joke)
  • I also really enjoy old (1920's) jazz at the moment.


I bounce around between the following podcasts:

In an effort to become more spiritually minded this year, I've been listening to eBooks of sacred texts (Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price), as well as lectures on spiritual subjects.

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