Microeconomics (4 Days)

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The cohorts for this class are pretty impressive. They really cover the material and provide examples and problems that are relevant to both the textbook and the Objective Assessment. Unfortunately, it’s not readily apparent to which unit a given cohort video belongs. To help with this (and provide an explanation for my study process below), this is how I categorized them:

Unit 1: Economic Way of Thinking, Consumer Surplus and Producer Surplus, Supply and Demand, The Economic Problem

Unit 2: Consumer Behavior, Externalities, Government Action in Markets, Public Good and Common Resources

Unit 3: Costs of Production, Factors of Production

Unit 4: Perfect Competition, Monopolistic Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly

I can’t say how accurate that breakdown is, but at the least it helps you understand what I was studying.

Day 1: (1) Watched cohort videos for Units 1, 2, 3 (8 cohorts in total) at 2.3x speed

Day 2: (1) Watched cohort videos for Unit 4 (5 cohorts) at 2.3x speed, (2) Took the Pre Assessment (3) Studied Unit X, chapter A

After Pre Assessment #1 (Competent):

The good news is that the cohorts are very good at covering what’s on the PA. Having watched all of the cohort videos, I passed the PA with a fair score. There were two units (spanning 3 of the book chapters) that I wanted to study a little more before taking the OA, but after the PA I felt pretty confident.

Day 3: (1) Studied Unit X, chapter B, (2) Studied Chapter Y (3), Scheduled OA

Day 4: (1) Did additional studying, Took OA

After the Objective Assessment (Competent):

I have to say that I was pretty nervous going into this OA. I really hadn’t had a lot of time to dedicate to studying in this class, and although I’d reviewed subjects as needed after taking the PA, I wasn’t at all confident that I’d really improved as much as I needed to. Thankfully, I was wrong. I scored higher on the OA than I had on the PA.

There are some questions on the OA that were alluded to in the cohorts/text book but not explicitly stated. However, in each case it was in regards to topics that were covered in-depth in Managerial Accounting. So I suggest taking Managerial Accounting before Microeconomics, if you have the option.

5 thoughts on “Microeconomics (4 Days)”

  1. Great blog. Is the OA for Micro aligned with the PA questions, or was it completely different from PA? If you haven’t taken the Macro, practice the questions from the PA as it is going to REALLY help you to pass the exam real quick. I spent hardly 4 days on Macro. Thanks

    • Hey BB,

      Thank you! I’m glad you find the blog useful. To answer your question, yes the OA and PA are pretty closely aligned. Thanks for the tip on Macro! I’ll be writing up my experiences with that class later this week – or early next week at the latest.

      Take care,

  2. Morning. Great blog. I’m trying to fast track it because I lose my loans after one more semester. Did you by chance do macroeconomics and statistics? I will take your suggestion on accounting before micro since I am lined up to do both this semester…. on my own schedule since I’ve already done 3/4 of my officially scheduled classes. My semester started on January 1st and I want to put statistics to bed before the end of the month. Math is my nemesis though so any suggestions would help. Thanks again for sharing your blog.

    • Hi Andrea,

      I will be posting my experience with Macroeconomics later today. I have not completed the statistics course yet, but it’s only a class or so away in my queue, and I’ll be doing a write up for that as well. I’m sorry that I can’t help you more there.


  3. Hi Chad. I am in the middle of Microeconomics and want to finish it ASAP. Thanks for your tips, I will try them out. You said you watched the cohorts at 2.3x speed, but I am not sure how to make that adjustment. Share your process???


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