Marketing Fundamentals (6 Days)

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Marketing Fundamentals is a straightforward course that’s not too intense or demanding. The study emphasis is on the reading, but the cohorts offer a very good introduction to many of the concepts covered in the course, and are efficient (in my experience) to prepare you for the Pre Assessments.

Day 1:

  1. Downloaded the two crash-course videos
  2. Converted videos to MP3 with VLC
  3. Uploaded the MP3s to Overdraft
  4. Listened to both crash-course videos
  5. Took the Pre Assessment

After Pre-Assessment #1 (Competent):

While I didn’t fail the PA, I didn’t do particularly well. My initial thought was, “Meh.” Of the five competency areas, I scored around a 7/10 in four of them, and then probably a 4 or 5 on the fifth. I definitely needed to do more studying in preparation for the OA.

The problem with fairly even scores is that I didn’t necessarily have 2-3 weak points that I could really focus on (although I did have the one). Instead I needed to study all of the competency areas, with a special emphasis on that low one.

Day 2: (1) Read and took notes on chapter summaries

Day 3: (1) Created and studied flashcards based on chapter summaries, (2) Studied targeted units

Day 4: (1) Studied flashcards, (2) Took the Pre Assessment

After Pre-Assessment #2 (Competent):

I scored quite a bit better on the second assessment. My score in all areas increased somewhat, and it was easy to see where I needed to focus my study going forward

Day 5: (1) Studied targeted unit, (2) Scheduled OA

Day 6: (1) Took the OA

After the Objective Assessment (Competent):

I hate to say this, because the experience may be different for other people and I don’t want to create false expectations, but I found the OA to be easier than the PA in this course. There were no surprise questions, and the material from the book was represented. If I were going to give some advice it would be to use the process of elimination when it doubt.

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