Marketing Applications (5 Days)

This blog post is part of a series where I chronicle my advancement through WGU’s Bachelor of Science, Business – Information Technology Management degree. It includes detailed reports on my study methods and strategies as well as occasional tips and tricks. To see all entries in this series, click the “WGU” link under “Categories” on the left sidebar (bottom of the page if viewing on mobile).

This course was simple and straight forward. My biggest piece of advice for this course is to download the two ~1 hr-long overview videos. Watch them both through once, then download the assignment template and get started. I recommend watching the overview videos as you’re working through the assignment. That’s what I did, and I found it to be a great help.

I took 5 days to complete this course, but it could probably have been done quicker (this course overlapped with Christmas and with a job change, so there was a lot going on!).

Day 1:

  1. Downloaded Cohorts and Overview videos
  2. Converted videos to MP3 with VLC
  3. Uploaded MP3s to Overcast
  4. Brainstormed product ideas for the assignment

Day 2: (1) Listened to both Overview audio, and the first Cohort

Day 3: (1) Listened to all cohorts, (2) Downloaded and reviewed the assignment template

Day 4: (1) Decided on a product, (2) Wrote first four sections of the assignment

Day 5: (1) Finished the assignment, (2) Read over and revised the assignment, (3) Submitted the assignment

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