Macroeconomics (5 Days)

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I actually found Macroeconomics to be very interesting. I was surprised to find that I enjoyed it even more than Microeconomics. The cohort videos are very helpful, and the text is relevant as well. With this course I was able to follow my standard formula of: (1) Listen to/watch the cohorts, (2) Take the Pre Assessment, (3) Do targeted study based on the coaching report, (4) Take the Objective Assessment.

My advice for this course would be to familiarize yourself with the graphable concepts. That is, if a concept can be put on a graph, make sure you understand it well. This would include things like Aggregate Supply/Demand/Equilibrium, interest, the difference in supply-curves in Keynesian vs. Classical economics, how Fiscal (Government) and Monetary (Federal Reserve) policies affect supply/demand curves, etc.

Day 1:

  1. Downloaded cohorts
  2. Converted to mp3
  3. Uploaded to overcast
  4. Listened to the Cohorts for Units 1 and 2

Day 2: (1) Listened to the Cohorts for Units 3 and 4, (2) Took Pre Asssessment

After Pre Assessment #1 (Competent):

The Pre Assessment was not difficult (even though I did quite poorly), but there are some areas covered in the PA which are not covered in the cohorts. My coaching report brought to light a few obvious opportunities for improvement. Combining the coaching report with the topics not-covered by the cohorts gave me a clear path of targeted study.

Day 3: (1) Read Chapter X,

Day 4: (1) Read the first half of Chapter Y, (2) Read the Summary for Chapter Y, (3) Read the Summary for Chapter Z (4) Scheduled OA

Day 5: (1) Took the OA

After the Objective Assessment (Competent):

Thankfully the PA was very representative of the OA. Studying my weak areas, especially those identified in my coaching report, was really effective in preparing for the OA. There were still some questions on the OA that were difficult for me, but all-in-all I didn’t find it to be much trouble.

8 thoughts on “Macroeconomics (5 Days)”

  1. Hi Chad! I’m about to start Macro. Do you think I can still utilize your methods, without having taken Micro or Managerial Accounting yet? Micro was about 15 years ago (don’t remember a thing) and I’m not slated to take M.A. for another couple of months. I’m not a textbook reader, per se, except to study up on any weak parts of a particular course, much the same way you do. So…going in cold, do you think this can still a one-week course, or is reading the textbook ‘required’? Thoughts?

    • Hi Dee,

      If I were you I would watch all of the cohorts, read the chapter summaries for each chapter and then take the PA and go from there. I definitely think that this course can be done pretty rapidly, but it all depends on how much time you have to dedicate to it and how well you’re able to retain the information.

      This is one of the courses where I found it beneficial to watch the cohorts rather than just listen to them. I also took notes on anything that I thought might trip me up later. Naturally I suggest that you do the same.

      I hope this is helpful. If you have any other questions, please let me know! I’m happy to help!


  2. Thank you so much for chronicling your WGU journey. It has been more than helpful! I’m so happy you’re at the end, but, truth-be-told, I’m going to miss these posts. 🙂

  3. Actually, I DO have a question…you had mentioned cohorts 1, 2, 3, and 4, but I am seeing 14! And the very first one is over 4 hours long!? Even the accompanying slides are well over 200 long! Am I looking at the right things? Please advise…

      • I was wondering this as well. There are currently 7 modules in the course (as of 04/04/18) from the above link there are 4 modules worth of recordings. Anyone know where the last 3 module recordings are? PS. thanks Chad really enjoy reading about your journey and appreciate you taking your time to share your tips/trick with us. 🙂

        • Ah shoot, they must’ve expanded it in the short time since I took it. That’s a little demotivating that my advice has become obsolete so quickly. Oh well, what can you do?


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