Change Management (3 Days)

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This is not a difficult course. That being said, I do have some experience in this area, and this kind of writing is pretty easy for me. However, my honest opinion is that it would be hard to get this one wrong.

My suggestion on how to proceed through this course would look like this:

  1. Read the TaskView situation and assignment, and make a list of the concepts and principles that you need to be able to write about
  2. Watch the cohorts to get a superficial understanding of Change Management
  3. With your list (from step 1), go to the text book and read up no those principles and concepts, taking notes as you go
  4. Using those notes, write the first draft of your paper (reference the textbook as needed)
  5. Compare your first draft against the grading rubric, and revise if necessary
  6. After you’re happy with how your paper compares against the rubric, submit it

What I actually did was this:

Day 1:

  1. Download cohorts
  2. Downloaded template
  3. Watch cohorts

Day 2: (1) Wrote the first half of paper, referencing the text as needed

Day 3:

  1. Wrote the second half of the paper
  2. Compared my draft against the grading rubric
  3. Made changes and revisions as appropriate
  4. Submitted the paper

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